What is the Applied Research and Education Center?

The Applied Research and Education Center (AREC) is a non-profit team of IU Southeast faculty and students that respond to requests from organizations to research, analyze, and report trends and patterns in the community and neighborhood around us.

How can AREC benefit your organization?

AREC responds to requests for information, technical assistance, and evaluation. By conducting research and analyzing data, findings can be used in program evaluation, strategic plans and education. AREC also provides guidance in facilitating, planning, and implementing change in programming and development.

AREC provides access to best practices in terms of research methods and learning strategies. In addition, AREC provides assistance in database setup and gathering information.

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Contact Information


address card

Dr. Melissa Fry
Hausfeldt 139
(812) 941-2105

Debra Voyles
Records Information Specialist
Hausfeldt 135
(812) 941-2323

Angela Leonard
Associate Research Assistant
Hausfeldt 137
(812) 941-2322

Applied Research and Education Center
Hausfeldt 135
(812) 941-2323

Kimberly Brewer
Stefanie Chumbley
Aubrey Garman
Aimee Kelmel
Jennifer Jones
Amelia Reckelhoff
Anita Vivanco

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