July-September: Review and revise draft self-study plan; request dates for evaluation team visit from HLC and initiate visit for Dr. John Taylor, HLC liaison

September: Select self-study coordinator, steering committee members, working group members, and chairs; notify HLC of self-study plan

October: Working groups and steering committee begin their work


January-April: working groups continue to gather information and input from campus departments, existing committees, faculty, staff, students, and the community

May: Working groups begin drafting their reports

July 1: Working groups submit initial results to steering committee and continue process of drafting reports

August 15: Steering committee provides feedback to working groups about their initial reports; working groups may then seek additional information

September: Receive one-year reminder letter from NCA/HLC; send to Commission information suggesting desired team competencies and confirm date of visit and other organizational information

Working group reports to steering committee

December: Steering and strategic planning committees review working group reports and seek any further clarification


NCA/HLC sends a list of proposed team members and an Evaluation Visit Summary Sheet to IU Southeast 5-12 months prior to the Team Visit

January: Steering Committee and writer/editor begin drafting self-study based on working group reports

May 20-21: NCA staff liaison visits IU Southeast

May 15: First draft of self-study available for comments]

August 1: Second draft of self-study available for comments

October 15: Third draft of self-study available for comments

December: Final version of self-study completed for distribution; IU Southeast sends one complete set of evaluation materials to each member of the Evaluation Team and to the Commission staff liaison


January: Team chair contacts IU Southeast to make arrangements for evaluation visit 3 months in advance.

March 1-3: Evaluation Team visit.