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Classroom "How to"

Wondering how to try a teaching tool in the classroom; interested in implementing some active learning, service-learning or problem-based learning activities into your classes? This page provides information on various classroom tools, teaching techniques, and technologies. Need information for something not on the page? Contact any of the ILTE staff for personalized assistance.

Getting started

Example syllabus and what to address on the first day of class
Sample syllabus for 2014 (docx)

An article to discussing learning objectives
Developing learning objectives (PDF)

Student references on cheating and plagiarism at IU.
Cheating & Plagiarism (Let students check their understanding)
Indiana Code on Academic Misconduct

Resources pertaining to disability resources
Disability Services home page
Disability Services Faculty Handbook

IU Southeast Turnitin Syllabus Statement  (Faculty using in their classes must add the following statement to the syllabus for each course)

Indiana University subscribes to, a tool that confirms that you have used and cited sources accurately in your paper.  By taking this course, you agree that all written assignments may be submitted to for an “originality report” and that, upon request from your instructor, you must provide an electronic version of your paper.

Instances of plagiarism, or failure to supply your instructor with an electronic version of your paper, will be handled according to the Student Disciplinary Procedures that accompany the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and may result in an academic sanction, up to and including failure of the course.  Even when not required, students are encouraged to use as a personal resource to help ensure outside works are cited appropriately. 

All papers submitted to will remain in the private Indiana University database.

Peer Review and Teaching Consultants

Peer review is a process, not just an event. The Peer Review Manual to reflects information for reviewing online classes, conducting a student focus group, how to write your report, and much more. View the current peer review manual. We strongly recommend junior faculty review our suggested peer review timeline.

Faculty Requesting Peer Review:

Current Peer Review Faculty