Honors Program

What can I expect as an Honors Student?

Can Honors Program Students participate in internship programs and study abroad opportunities?

Absolutely! The Honors Program frequently schedules workshops and informational sessions with both Career Development Center and the Study Abroad Program to keep students informed about the latest opportunities.

What types of research opportunities are available to Honors Program students?

Numerous opportunities for research are available. For example, students in tier one of the program are encouraged to develop research projects to be presented at the Mideast Honors Association Conference. Honors Program students may also choose to take advantage of campus wide opportunities such as the Undergraduate Research Fellowships, the IU Southeast Student Conference, and the Undergraduate Research Journal.

Is there a student organization for Honors students?

The Honors Program Student Activity Board (HPSAB) is a very active group which frequently organizes student events, including movies, fundraising events, and volunteer activities.

Do I have to take all Honors courses?

No. It’s expected that Tier one students will take both Honors 103 and 104, and that they ought to take them in sequence; however, as long as Tier two students, and those participating in both Tiers take the required number of 300-level courses and fulfill their other HP obligations, they need not feel obligated to take every course offered.

What are Honors faculty members like?

As each member of the Honors faculty must submit detailed course proposals before teaching a course, students can be assured that they’ll be instructed by the best of the best. Courses are taught by a variety of professors from across our campus, providing students with a variety of opportunities.

What enrichment activities and co-curricular events are offered by the Program?

Throughout each semester, Honors Students will be invited to participate in numerous enrichment activities, including workshops offering information about financial aid and academic planning, presentations given by fellow students on a variety of topics, and informative sessions hosted by faculty and staff.

Are Honors courses more difficult than non-Honors courses?

As with anything in life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. As Honors classes offer smaller class sizes than other courses, individual interaction between professors and students is possible. Having smaller class sizes also increases the level of student-to-student interaction, often resulting in study groups and other support networks.

Will my GPA be lowered by my participation in the Honors Program?

It’s very unlikely that your GPA would be lowered.

What criteria must I meet in order to remain in the Honors Program?

We ask that you remain active and in good standing. Remaining in good standing in the Program requires that you take and complete an Honors Program course or be working in some other way that has been sanctioned by the Honors Program Director toward your chosen Honors track at least three semesters out of every four. It also requires that you keep your university GPA at or above a 3.3.

Are Honors students isolated from non-Honors students on campus?

While Honors classes are restricted to Program members, the Honors Program regularly participates in campus-wide events such as volunteer and community activities.

Will participation in the Honors Program help me get into graduate school?

Your participation in the Honors Program is a reflection of your commitment to academic and personal success, and this commitment will certainly aid you in post-graduate pursuits.

Can I withdraw from the Honors Program if I decide that it’s not for me?

While we hope this isn’t the case, if you should choose to withdraw from the program, it is at your discretion to do so. However, we do recommend a meeting with the Program Director to discuss all options as we hope withdrawal would be a last resort.

Are there additional costs associated with Honors coursework?

No extra costs!

Do AP credits count in the Honors Program?

We congratulate you on taking AP courses and performing well on the examination. Grades on the AP are not counted towards Honors requirements.

May I talk to someone about the Honors Program?

Of course! You may contact the HP Office Assistant by phone at (812) 941-2587 or by email at iushp@ius.edu to set up a meeting with Dr. Salas, the Honors Program Director.