Honors Program

What is the Honors Program?

I received an invitation to join a national honors society. How do I know if this is legitimate?

There are several national honors societies. You may find active Honors organizations at IU Southeast by reviewing the "Honors" section of the Campus Life List of Clubs and Organizations. These are legitimate organizations, and it is up to you to decide if you want to join. If you receive an invitation from an organization other than those listed, be sure to consult the ACHS Member Societies list. If you find the organization is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, then it is definitely legitimate.

What qualities does the Honors Program look for in its students?

The Honors Program invites highly motivated students who seek a stimulating and exciting academic experience and formal recognition for completing a challenging program.

My test scores and/or GPA are not perfect. Can I still be considered for the Honors Program?

Yes. The Honors Program at IU Southeast seeks to augment student’s university experience. While the Program Director and council expect to see evidence of interest, potential, achievement, and an excellent work ethic, they also are aware that some students are just beginning to find their academic and intellectual stride.

What is Tier One of the Honors Program?

Students in Tier One of the Honors Program complete the two semester first year seminar sequence, complete at least two other multidisciplinary Honors courses, present at a research conference, and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3. Completion of Tier One leads to the University Honors Minor. 24 students have earned the University Honors Minor designation; these students have gone on to earn graduate degrees and obtain teaching and employment positions in secondary schools and local businesses.

What is Tier Two of the Honors Program?

Students in Tier Two of the honors program typically complete 10-12 hours of course work, which includes 300-level Honors Program seminars and pursuing one of three options: the Honors Research Minor, the Discipline-Based Honors Major, or the Individualized Honors Curriculum, which is designed with the program director and appropriate faculty members. Completion of Tier Two leads to the designation of University Honors Scholar, provided the student maintains a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3. 10 students have earned the University Honors Scholar designation.  Since graduation, these students have studied in medical schools, law schools, and theological seminaries.

What is the University Honors Fellow?

The University Honors Fellow is a special distinction given to students who complete both University Honors Minor and University Honors Scholar coursework. 10 students have earned the University Honors Fellow designation.  These students are pursuing further studies in law school, medical school, and one student is enrolled in a doctoral program in Iceland.

How many students are in the Honors Program?

As of Summer 2013, the Program has 70 members, and our numbers are growing.

Does the Honors Program involve extra classes?

Honors 103 and 104 are designed to fulfill multiple general education requirements. The 300-level courses fulfill elective requirements. Students who participate in both Tier One and Tier Two will find that since Honor 103 and 104 fulfill four General Education requirements, they can easily accommodate two 300-level seminars, even with the most credit-heavy major.

Are there additional scholarship opportunities for Honors students?

Honors Students are eligible for consideration for the Chancellor’s Honors Program Scholarship.

How will having been in the Honors Program benefit me after graduation?

Whether you continue your education or enter the workforce, being a member of the Honors Program will have provided you with valuable skills which will be directly relevant to both academic and professional pursuits. Further, the close working relationships students will have developed with the Director and other HP faculty members will make them natural choices for careers advice and/or references.