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Career Development Center

Live your dream and let your degree work for you. The Career Development Center is here to help IU Southeast students and alumni secure satisfying career opportunities. Explore your options for a career and find tools to help you get there. Call or stop in today and begin your journey towards a satisfying career!

  1. I am a senior graduating in May; can I still go to graduate school in the Fall?

    Maybe. You are under a very strict time-line. Contact the graduate school you would like to attend to see if they are still accepting applications for the fall.
  2. Should I apply to more than one school?

    Yes, graduate schools are competitive and you should apply to several schools.
  3. Do letters of recommendation make a difference?

    Yes, letters of recommendation can help you stand out from other candidates. It is important to obtain good letters of recommendation. Help your recommendation writers write good letters by providing them with a copy of your transcript, resume, papers you have written, personal statement, bullet points that help you stand out, graduate program description, and application deadline information. You should supply pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for all your writers. Be sure and send a thank-you note promptly to your writers.
  4. If I have a low GPA can I still go to graduate school?

    Perhaps. Your GPA is only one of the factors schools look at for admissions. Be prepared to discuss why you have a low GPA and discuss strategies that will make you successful in a graduate program.
  5. Will a test prep course help me improve my score?

    Test preparation courses can be helpful but they are not guaranteed to help you get a better score. Test prep courses can help relieve some test anxiety. See the resource links for details and free practice tests.
  6. How can I find out how competitive the program is? (How many spots are open, what is the formula for admittance, or usual student profile?)

    You can find this information by visiting the schools website or by contacting the program coordinator or academic advisor at the school.
  7. How can I find out what masters will best prepare me for my future career?

    Research, research, research! You must know your target market and what education requirements will make you competitive. Network and speak to professionals who are already in your chosen field. Review current online job postings in your field to access desired education level for potential employers.