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Career Development Center

Live your dream and let your degree work for you. The Career Development Center is here to help IU Southeast students and alumni secure satisfying career opportunities. Explore your options for a career and find tools to help you get there. Call or stop in today and begin your journey towards a satisfying career!

It is important to research whether obtaining an advance degree will improve your job prospects. Not all advance degrees will increase your job prospects or salary. Know your target job market. There are many graduate degrees programs and it is important to find the program that will work best for your career objective. Many graduate programs will have specific prerequisite courses which must be taken before admittance. Make sure you research what courses are needed for your desired graduate program so that you use your undergraduate electives judiciously.

It can be beneficial to have a few years of work experience before going directly from an undergraduate program to a graduate program. Entering the workforce before you go to graduate school may give you a better understanding of what type of advance degree would work best for your career goals.

Graduate school takes a lot of time and energy from your day-to-day life. A large portion of the learning is dependent on your own reading and research. Have you researched the amount of reading and the number of research papers required in graduate school? Will you need to write a thesis? The coursework is drastically different from that of an undergraduate degree.

Are you able to work and go to school? Do you want to take out students loans? There are different restrictions to financial aid for graduate students. See IU Southeast's Financial Aid website.

You may think you want to work full-time and go to school, but it can be difficult to do both. Many graduate students choose to work part-time; however, some programs may prohibit students from doing both.

In order to find your desired program of study you may need to relocate. Each college and university offers its own unique graduate school programs. For more information go to