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Human Resources Management

Human resource professionals handle personnel decisions, including hiring, firing, performance reviews, position assignment and compensation. They may take part in trade union negotiations, monitor absenteeism, and ensure employment equity and safety, as well as training and development.

While human resource professionals are involved in many different areas, they are best known for recruiting – interviewing and selecting new employees. Experts say recruiting takes a particular combination of skills and experience. Knowing which questions to ask and the legal way to ask them are important aspects of this career.

Human Resource professionals are found in every industry in the U.S. – business, hospitals, schools, employment agencies, executive search firms, temporary staffing firms and outplacement consulting firms. This concentration consists of a program of study approved by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) that provides the student with acceptable levels of knowledge to be recognized as an HR Generalist.

This program covers the vital areas of:

  1. personnel administration
  2. personnel selection
  3. personnel development

and other key roles within the HR profession equipping the student to function across the spectrum of HR disciplines.

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