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Secondary Education

The secondary education major values learning in general, loves a specific subject area in particular and recognizes the importance of effective oral and written communication skills.

This person possesses a good sense of values and can be counted on to accept meaningful challenges and to make decisions. Working well with others and freely volunteering time and services are typical actions of this person. For such a person the reward for accomplishment is seeing a job well done.

The person majoring in secondary education is a mentally and physically alert individual who possesses concern for young people, who realizes the importance of education to society, and who wishes to contribute to its betterment.

The School of Education offers programs in secondary education leading to the B.S. in Education in secondary education (middle school, junior high, high school) with teaching majors in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Candidates who have completed one of these teaching majors may also be licensed in chemistry, computer education, earth/space science, economics, French, geographical perspectives, German, government and citizenship, historical perspectives, journalism, language arts, life science, mathematics, physical science, physics, psychology, sociology, Spanish, and theatre arts.

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