DiversityWELCOME TO DIVERSITY AT IU SOUTHEAST You are an important part of our quest to build a foundation for a diverse community in this region and the world. We invite you to explore the information, training opportunities, events, and resources that demonstrate our most recent efforts to enhance knowledge of and respect for difference and inclusivity.Decorative Image

Diversity Leadership Structure

Campus Diversity Committee


Interim Chancellor Barbara Bichelmeyer, Uric Dufrene, Seuth Chaleunphonh, Denise Jones, Diane Reid, Jason Meriwether, Dana Wavle, Jerry Wayne, Darlene Young, Anita Vivanco – student representative for 2013-2014.

  • Review and recommend faculty employment policies concerning diversity issues
  • Review faculty, administration, and personnel complaints concerning diversity issues
  • Make recommendations to promote and maintain cultural diversity among faculty members
  • Make recommendations to promote recruitment and retention of minority students

Diversity Coordinators


Diane Reid, Academic Affairs Faculty Diversity Coordinator (faculty advocate)

Darlene Young, Director of Staff Equity & Diversity (staff advocate)

Seuth Chaleunphonh, Dean of Student Life (student advocate)

  • Carry out daily operational functions as they relate to implementing IU Southeast Strategic Goal 3 objectives and initiatives.  Coordinators work with members of the campus community to build relationships, improve climate, increase diversity programming, and promote overall knowledge and understanding of our mission and vision as they relate to diversity.

Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity


Leslie Turner – Chair, Channell Barbour, Seuth Chaleunphonh, Linda Christiansen, Rachel Delbridge, June Huggins, Randy Hunt, Gloria Murray, Kimberly Pelle, Charles Pooser, Diane Reid, Valerie Scott, Michelle Snow, Matthew Springer, Darlene Young, Anita Vivanco – student representative for 2013-2014.

  • Advise the Chancellor and the Chancellor’s Cabinet regarding diversity plans and priorities
  • Work with and advise coordinators on implementation of campus diversity plans
  • Serve as a high-level think tank to make recommendations to the cabinet-level diversity leadership 
  • Provide a mechanism for information sharing and programmatic coordination of diversity efforts across the campus


Taskforces are created on an “as needed” basis.  Members execute, monitor, and report task progress to Diversity Coordinators quarterly.

Diversity Events Calendar