POLS–Y 107 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr.)
Explores similarities and differences between political institutions and processes in political systems around the world. Usually covers Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Mexico, Nigeria, and Egypt.

POLS–Y 109 Introduction to International Politics (3 cr.)
Causes of war, nature and attributes of the state, imperialism, international law, national sovereignty, arbitration, adjudication, international organizations, major international issues.

BUS–D 300 International Business Administration (3 cr.)
Foreign environment for overseas operations; U.S. government policies and programs for international business; international economic policies; and management decisions and their implementation in international marketing, management, and finance.

BUS–F 494 International Finance. (3 cr.)
Financial management of foreign operations of the firm. Financial constraints of the international environment and their effect on standard concepts of financial management. Study of international currency flows, forward cover, and international banking practices.

ECON–E 333 International Economics (3 cr.)
Forces determining international trade, finance, and commercial policy under changing world conditions; theory of international trade, monetary standards, tariff policy, trade controls.

POLS–Y 376 International Political Economy (3 cr.)
Study of how the international political system determines the nature of international economic relations. Focus is on the following: (1) trade and monetary regimes, (2) the role of multinational corporations; (3) global action, (4) relations between wealthy countries, and (5) relations between wealthy and poor countries.