Why Study Marketing at IU Southeast?

Marketing students at IU Southeast will work with enthusiastic faculty who have a broad range of professional marketing experience including advertising, brand management, retailing, sales and sales management, marketing research, logistics, consulting, entertainment, and tourism/hospitality, among others. Faculty bring this experience to the classroom, helping students bridge the gap between theory and practice. Some courses also involve projects that include interaction with the local business community.

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Marketing is the business function responsible for generating the ideas and connections that make money for the firm. You would be a good marketer if:

  • You are perceptive and empathetic
  • You practice creative problem-solving
  • You are interested in the use of technology
  • You enjoy social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • You would like to start your own business
  • You want to learn how to promote your #1 product – You

For a complete list of degree requirements, visit the Bachelor of Science in Business program page »

Required courses (18 credit hours)

  • BUS-D 300 International Business Administration
  • BUS-M 303 Marketing Research
  • BUS-M 405 Buyer Behavior
  • BUS-M 450 Marketing Strategy and Policy

Must take one course from the following list:

  • BUS- M 330 Personal Persuasion Strategies and Customer Relationship Management
  • BUS-M 415 Advertising and Promotion Management

Must take one additional course from the following list:

  • Second course of BUS-M 330 or BUS-M 415 OR
  • select from 300- or 400-level business or economics courses outside of Marketing [BUS-M] (NOT from internships/professional practice).

Required elective courses

(6 credit hours)

Select from 300- or 400-level business or economics courses outside of Marketing [BUS-M] (NOT from internships/professional practice). A course cannot double-count in both the required 18 hours and the elective 6 hours.


JOUR-J 320 Principles of Creative Advertising
TEL-R 440 Advertising Strategies

BUS-M 300 Introduction to Marketing (3 cr.)
Examination of the U.S. market economy and marketing institutions. Decision making and planning from a manager’s point of view; impact of marketing actions from a consumer’s point of view. Note: No credit toward a degree in business. This class is for non-business majors only.

BUS-M 301 Introduction to Marketing Management (3 cr.)
Overview of marketing for all undergraduates. Marketing planning and decision making examined from firm’s point of view; marketing concept and its company-wide implications; integration of marketing with other functions. Market structure and behavior and their relationship to marketing strategy. Marketing system viewed in terms of both public and private policy in a pluralistic society. Fall sem., spring sem., summer. Note: Students currently in the Academic Success Center cannot register for this course.

BUS-M 303 Marketing Research (3 cr.)
Focuses on the role of research in marketing decision making. Topics include research ethics, problem formulation, research design, data collection procedures, design of data collection forms, sampling issues, data analysis, and the interpretation of results. Fall sem., spring sem.

BUS-M 330 Personal Persuasion Strategy and Customer Relations Management (3 cr.)
This course is designed to provide insights into the sales profession by examining the role of persuasive communication and customer relationship management behaviors, principles, strategies, and actions. It will provide students an opportunity to plan, practice, and review those verbal behaviors associated with sales call success in order to persuade others to think differently regarding ideas, opinions, products, and services. Spring sem., fall sem.

BUS-M 405 Buyer Behavior (3 cr.)
Buyer behavior relevant to marketing decisions. Logic of marketing segmentation, recognizing customer heterogeneity. Buyer behavior analyzed in terms of decision making process and models of individual and aggregate behavior. Specific attention given to consumer behavior in retail markets and to procurement behavior in industrial markets. Fall sem., spring sem.

BUS-M 415 Advertising and Promotion Management (3 cr.)
Basic advertising and sales-promotion concepts. The design, management, and integration of a firm’s promotional strategy. Public policy aspects and the role of advertising in marketing communications in different cultures. Fall sem., spring sem.

BUS-M 450 Marketing Strategy and Policy (3 cr.)
Capstone course for marketing majors. Draws on and integrates materials previously taken. Focuses on decision problems in marketing strategy and policy design and application of analytical tools for marketing and decision making. Fall sem., spring sem.



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Pilsik Choi
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: (812) 941-2355
Office Location: HH 116
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K. Chris Cox
Associate Professor of Marketing
Phone: (812) 941-2334
Office Location: HH 012
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Carolyn “Casey” Findley Musgrove
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: (812) 941-2052
Office Location: HH 010
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Eldon L. Little
Professor of Business Administration
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A Marketing concentration prepares students for careers in many areas of Marketing and many different types of organizations. Some examples include:

  • Advertising
  • Brand/Product Management
  • Consulting
  • Marketing Research
  • Not-for-Profit Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Retail Management
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management

Recent graduates have been hired by companies that include Yum! Brands, UPS, Brown-Foreman, and Humana.

Professional and Student Organizations

American Marketing Association

Academy of Business Disciplines

Academy of Marketing Science

Marketing Management Association

Society for Marketing Advances

IU Southeast Marketing Club (Sponsor, Michael Breazeale)

Useful Links

Association for Consumer Research

ACR provides a forum for exchange of ideas among those interested in consumer behavior research in academic disciplines, in government, in private business, and in other sectors such as non-profit organizations and foundations.

American Advertising Federation

The AAF is the oldest national advertising trade association, representing 40,000 professionals in the advertising industry. The AAF has a national network of 200 ad clubs located in ad communities across the country.

Consumer-Brand Relationships

CBR is a collection of marketing academics and practitioners who focus on the consumer-brand relationship. Combining cutting-edge research with actual examples from practice, and representing more than 17 nations, the members advance knowledge regarding this unique phenomenon.

National Retail Federation

The NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association and the voice of retail worldwide, NRF’s global membership includes retailers of all sizes, formats and channels of distribution as well as chain restaurants and industry partners from the United States and more than 45 countries abroad.