School of Education

Elementary and Secondary Assessment Requirements

The below guidelines are applicable for candidates admitted beginning August 2002. The performance-based assessment reviews candidate progress towards meeting standards at four points during the program. Check with Assessment Advisor or Director of Graduate Studies for most recent assessment evaluation rubrics before completing each assessment documentation. Submit appropriate scantron form with each summative decision point review. Petition for any exceptions to this should be approved and on file with the SOE Graduate Studies Office. Failure to do so could result in delays or discontinuation of program completion.

Assessment Advisors

Based on first letter of the candidate's last name.

Last Names Beginning with Advisor Name Office Location Phone Number Email Address


Lisa Hoffman

HH 0029

(812) 941-2137


Faye Camahalan

HH 0005

(812) 941-2136

Graduate Program Advising

All candidates are encouraged to receive program advising for course planning and licensing matters at least once a year. Contact the School of Education Advising Office for an appointment.

School of Education Advising Office
Office: HH 108
Phone: (812) 941-2386

Summative Decision Points

Summative Decision Point I

SDP I is the admission process and acceptance as a program candidate. Candidates self-assess dispositions and write a personal statement, which should be reviewed periodically by the candidate.

Summative Decision Point II

SDP II is reviewed at the completion of three of the four core courses, no later than 18 hours into the program.

  1. Complete standards measured through core courses H520, P507, J500. Rubrics are provided by instructors in each course.
  2. Maintain a 3.0 grade in each course. File a Petition for Exception if the SDPII review will be delayed due to additional licensing requirements.

Guidelines for Summative Decision Point II Writing (MEST Approved Revision 9/2/04,10/28/04)
Effective Fall 2004, all core courses will include a writing project that is aligned to one or more of the dispositions and National Board Certification (NBC) standards.

  • A SDP II Self-Assessment Disposition writing assignment is included on the syllabus requirements for core courses H520, J500, and P507
  • The SDP II course assessment is evaluated by the core course instructor using a standard rubric established for each core course (H520, P507, J500).
  • The Self-Assessment Disposition writing sample and the scored rubric is submitted by the instructor to the SOE Graduate Studies Coordinator at the end of the semester for each candidate.
  • The Self-Assessment Disposition writing sample and scored rubric is filed in the candidate's records until completion of the first 3 core courses.
  • Any candidate not obtaining the acceptable score will be referred to the MEST Evaluation Team (2 Graduate Studies faculty members) for a remediation plan that may entail additional writing, additional coursework, etc. along with timelines for completion.
  • The candidate will be notified of the decision and apprised of due process procedures.

Note: Candidates who have taken core coursework prior to Fall 2004 should check with their Graduate Advisor for guidelines for SDPII review.

Summative Decision Point III

SDP III is a capstone 'teacher research' project conducted as a clinical experience most often completed in the building where the educator is employed. The candidate is not required to seek approval for the study from the campus Human Subjects Review unless the study is intended to be published or presented outside the university setting or if contemplating a submission for publication in the Graduate Research Journal (GRJ), which is encouraged.

The teacher research project includes a problem statement, literature review and conceptual framework, teaching plan, documentation of teaching, analysis of video, documentation of assessment measures used, and self-reflection.

If a candidate is adding an additional licensing area (such as ENL/ESL, computer education, gifted and talented, or reading) the SDPIII may describe a study pertinent to this new license area, where appropriate to do so. Additional information can be obtained from the assigned Assessment Advisor.

The SDP III should be completed no later than 30 hours into the program, and at least one semester before graduation date (excluding summer term). Check with graduate program advisor for adequate planning. Specific submission deadlines for SDP III may be found on this webpage or in the School of Education's Main Office.

SDP III Submission Deadlines

May Graduates 2nd Monday of April
August Graduates 2nd Friday of May
December Graduates 2nd Friday of November

**When turning in your SDP III packet please make sure to bring 2 copies with the orginial document.**

Graduate candidates may track their SDP II and III progress using the Milestones feature in OneStart. Click “Go to the Student Center,” then click on “My Academics & Grades.” In the resulting screen, click on “View My Advisement Report.” Also on this screen, candidates can choose options for viewing “What-If?” reports and unofficial transcripts. Opting for “View My Unofficial Transcript” allows candidates to print out a current transcript without paying the $8 fee for an “official” transcript. This is a good way for candidates to spot issues that may need resolution (i.e. a transfer course not credited, grade change not recorded, etc.), but note that Milestones (Summative Decision Points) do not appear on these transcripts.

Summative Decision Point IV

SDP IV is the final review to ensure all program standards and assessments have been met. The SDP IV paperwork should be completed in the last semester of graduate coursework leading to the degree.

  1. SDP IV Form
  2. 3.0 GPA or higher
  3. Completion of all required coursework
  4. Submitted a reflection on personal growth related to the School of Education’s Conceptual Framework.
  5. Application for Degree (on file with SOE Records Office 6 months prior to graduation date)

Note: The actual SDP IV Scantron form will be obtained from the receptionist in the SOE Main Office when delivering the SDP III paper. Candidates are advised to request an SDP IV packet when submitting SDP III.

Sample Summative Decision Point IV Form

SDP IV Submission Deadlines

May Graduates 1st Friday of May
August Graduates 1st Friday of June
December Graduates 1st Friday of December