Reference Book

What is the Reference Book?

The Reference Book has the most up-to-date information and statistics covering all facets of the campus. From Faculty and Staff listings, to budget reports and enrollment data, it provides you with a comprehensive overview of IU Southeast.


IU Southeast 2011-2012 Reference Book Cover

  1. Institutional Characteristics
    • Mission and Vision
    • Core Values
    • Strategic Plan
    • Organizational Chart
    • Service Area Map
    • Degree Programs
  2. Student Data
    • Enrollment History
    • Credit Hour History
    • Student Characteristics
    • Residence Life Characteristics
    • Retention and Graduation Rates
    • Admission Data
    • Financial Aid
    • Degrees Awarded
  3. Faculty and Staff
    • Personnel Summary
    • Faculty and Staff by Discipline
    • Faculty Senate and Committees
    • Administrative Committees
  4. University Administration
    • Trustees
    • Board of Advisors
    • Physical Facilities
    • Budget

Reference Book Archives:

Ranida Harris


What do you do when you move to a new place and you cannot find any decent food? Well if you are Ranida Harris, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, you learn to cook. When Ranida moved to the United States from her native Thailand she had trouble finding good Thai food, so she cooked it for herself. Now she enjoys cooking Thai, Italian and Japanese food for friends and family.

Ranida Harris is one of the many interesting and talented professors that you will learn from at IU Southeast.


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