University Leadership

The chief operating officer of IU Southeast, Chancellor Ray Wallace is responsible for the administration and management of the campus.

Other university advisors include the Board of Advisors, Faculty Senate, the Alumni Board, the Professional Staff Council, and Staff Council. Student government represents students’ concerns to the chancellor and the board of trustees.

Ray Wallace Ray Wallace
Chancellor of Indiana University Southeast
(812) 941-2200

Dr. Curt Peters Dr. Uric Dufrene
Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
(812) 941-2210

Mr. Jason MeriwetherMr. Jason Meriwether
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
(812) 941-2420

Mr. Dana C. Wavle Mr. Dana C. Wavle
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
(812) 941-2202

Ranida Harris


What do you do when you move to a new place and you cannot find any decent food? Well if you are Ranida Harris, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, you learn to cook. When Ranida moved to the United States from her native Thailand she had trouble finding good Thai food, so she cooked it for herself. Now she enjoys cooking Thai, Italian and Japanese food for friends and family.

Ranida Harris is one of the many interesting and talented professors that you will learn from at IU Southeast.


IU Southeast Police

To Protect and Serve.

The Indiana University Southeast Police Department is a fully empowered law enforcement agency. The main objective of this department is to ensure the safety, peace, and tranquility of the academic community.

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