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Whether you’re stumped by a grammatical question while working on a term paper or in need of advice with a computing issue, IU Southeast has some of the best student help centers around. These essential resources are funded by student fees to ensure that you’re not going it alone. Having help when you need it is a real lifesaver!

How do I get help?

Q: Where can I find help when I need it?

A: IU Southeast faculty and staff are committed to your success. If you need help while you're at IU Southeast, don’t hesitate to ask. All of our administrators have designated open office hours. Feel free to drop by or call if you have a question.

Q: How do I find a phone number or email address of an IU Southeast employee?

A: Visit the Contacts page to search for people. If you know the name, we’ll give you the email address and phone number.

Q: I’m lost. Can’t I just CALL somebody?

A: Of course you can! Call our Information Desk at (812) 941-2333. After 7 PM, call the Campus Switchboard at (812) 941-2000.


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