Purchasing has authorization to commit university funds for goods and services. Overall, the Purchasing department is responsible for ensuring that purchases are reasonable and made according to IU Policy. Purchasing is available to assist with contracts, bidding, researching an item, or working with vendors.

IU Policy states that purchases must be made through a Contract Vendor when available Policy P-20. If a department needs help with purchasing an item, departments should contact the Commodity Specialist in that area for assistance.

To begin the purchasing process, a department issues a requisition for goods or services. The requistion routes for approval to the fiscal officer or delegate of the account. Upon approval, the requisition routes to the Southeast Accounting Services department for approval. The Accounting Services department audits the requisition for contract availability, funding, marketing activity, licensing and trademarks, and reasonableness of purchase. Upon approval, the requisition either becomes an automatic purchase order (APO) if under $1,000 or routes to Purchasing for issuance of a Purchase Order. Upon issuance of a Purchase Order, a copy of the order is automatically faxed to the vendor.