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Mission Statement

Administrative Affairs

Functional Mission: To facilitate and support the academic, student services and other missions of the University.

Service Mission: To provide responsive, efficient and effective service in a manner that treats individuals as valued and respected customers.

Accounting Services

Functional Mission: To enhance student retention through positive financial experiences with students, staff, and faculty.

Service Mission: To provide an atmosphere of knowledgeable, friendly and accurate service to the university and the community at large and to accept ownership of our customer’s problems related to their IS accounts.


Functional Mission: To create excellent campus bookstores, custom designed and operated to contribute to education and to support the goals of the colleges and universities we serve.

Service Mission: To excel and continue to innovate in customer service, store design, merchandise selection, and store operations.

Conference and Dining Services

Functional Mission: To provide a variety of healthy nutritious food and beverage to the students, faculty and staff of the University Community and guests.

Service Mission: To provide expedient professional and friendly service while exceeding guest expectations.

Human Resources

Functional Mission: To recruit and retain excellent people for IUS by ensuring that each person realizes his/her value to the university.

Service Mission: To provide caring, responsive, knowledgeable assistance, and support to our employees to enhance their employment experience.

Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center

Functional Mission: To promote high-quality educational, cultural, and entertainment events in the state-of-the-art facility to the region through the involvement of innovative partnerships.

Service Mission:To create the desire of a return visit in all who enter the facility through helpful, courteous, and efficient service.

Physical Plant

Functional Mission: The Physical Plant shall provide and maintain a focused environment conducive to learning and research for students, faculty, staff and guests while enabling the missions of the University.

Service Mission:To provide a workable, friendly place for people to improve and enhance campus community life.

University Police

Functional Mission: As a law enforcement agency of Indiana University and the State of Indiana, we provide a safe, secure, and service oriented environment, conducive to the learning mission of the University.

Service Mission: We will be receptive and responsive to the needs of the university community and enforce the laws of the State of Indiana and Indiana University in a professional and efficient, as well as helpful and empathetic manner.