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A-4. Strategic Plan

As result of the campus’s first comprehensive, long-range Strategic Plan, entitled “Strategic Commitments for Growth Distinction, Indiana University Southeast Strategic Plan 2005-2009,” the campus is committed to the development and maintenance of a system for well-ordinated, ongoing strategic planning that integrates resource allocation, accountability, and planning at all levels.  While the campus was preparing its self-study for its 2009-2010 ten-year reaccreditation visit by the North Central Association, the members of the self-study team worked collaboratively with participants in the Strategic Plan Rollover Committee.  The following eight goals in the institutional Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 are as follows:

Goal 1:  Educational Excellence

IU Southeast will offer students excellent undergraduate education that is student-centered, responsive to changing regional and societal needs, and based on high academic standards.

Goal 2:  Effective Enrollment Management

IU Southeast will maintain an up-to-date, data-driven, strategic enrollment management program, which will provide a sustainable base and enhance student persistence to graduation.

Goal 3:  Embracing Diversity

IU Southeast will continue to strengthen and improve diversity in its programming, hiring, student recruitment, business practices, and community initiatives.

Goal 4:  Strategic Resource Management

IU Southeast will continue to strategically manage and leverage its resource base to support current operations, enrollment trends, high-quality programs, faculty and staff excellence, and high-caliber facilities and equipment.

Goal 5:  Marketing:  Strengthening Our Position

Through strategic communication and marketing efforts, IU Southeast will continue to establish its position as the educational leader in our region and will promote the university’s resources to the communities we serve.

Goal 6:  Enhanced Community Engagement

IU Southeast will enhance its relations with the various communities it serves.

Goal 7:  Ongoing Strategic Planning

IU Southeast will develop a system for well-coordinated, ongoing strategic planning that integrates resource allocation, accountability, and planning at all levels.

Goal 8:  Effective Alumni Relations

In order for IU Southeast to continue its growth to prominence as a high-caliber regional university, the campus must establish Alumni Relations as a top priority.  Its position as a new goal in this Strategic Plan reflects the commitment of the campus to develop and strengthen its alumni base and to provide the resources to do so.