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C-5. Recruitment and Selection of Part-time Academic Appointees

Recruitment of qualified part-time faculty is a responsibility of the school/division dean with assistance of the program coordinators. The Preliminary Application for Academic Position form along with an Applicant Monitoring Form should be given to all prospective part-time faculty. The Applicant Monitoring Form should be returned to the Campus Affirmative Action Officer and the Application for Academic Position form should be returned to the school/division office. Public announcements and a formal search are not required under the Affirmative Action Plan, but selection should be made without regard to race, sex, age, or other non-job related criteria.

Adjunct faculty appointees are required to provide the same credentials as full-time appointees. Adjunct faculty must have at least a master’s degree to teach undergraduate courses and a terminal degree in the discipline to teach graduate courses. Exceptions must be approved by the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs. With exceptions, part-time faculty holds the rank of adjunct lecturer (IRA FA5) in the appropriate discipline (e.g., adjunct lecturer in Psychology).