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C-9. Candidate Travel

Candidates for faculty and professional staff positions are eligible for reimbursement of expenses associated with recruitment visits to IU Southeast in accordance with IU Travel Services policies. The search and screen chair or designee should request that candidates, visiting from out of area, fill out and submit the following if reimbursement is requested.

  1. Itemized original receipts such as hotel, transportation, parking, and meals not provided by a host of the university. Charge receipts are insufficient for auditing purposes and should not be submitted. Alcohol beverages will not be reimbursed. It is the preferred policy of the campus to pay actual expenses for candidates rather than per diem.
  2. Disbursement voucher payee certification: This financial management support form requires a signature and reimbursement amount from the candidate stating such expenses are applicable. (The Financial Information System [KFS] document number can be left blank)  This form must accompany original receipts.
  3. W-9 Form. This required IU Financial Management support tax form can be filled out while the candidate is on campus.

School personnel should process, through KFS disbursement voucher, faculty reimbursements using the appropriate account number assigned by the Office of Academic Affairs. Departments may, for professional staff reimbursements, submit packets containing the above documents to the Office of Administrative Affairs (US-156) for KFS processing from an account created to cover such eligible expenses.  

Schools, divisions, and departments can make hotel reservations for candidates; however, each candidate should pay the hotel directly and request reimbursement from the university. This process prevents billing difficulties with area hotels and multi-KFS transactions for each candidate.

Meals hosted and paid for by university personnel for candidates may be reimbursed using the special expense fund for the purchase of meals/food products with original and itemized receipts attached.

The meal limits are as follows:

  • Breakfast $8.00; Host plus candidate $16.00 maximum
  • Lunch $13.00; Host plus candidate $26.00 maximum
  • Dinner $22.00; Host plus candidate $44.00 maximum

To request reimbursement, submit itemized receipts along with a Special Expense - Campus Funded Event - Payment Request form to Accounting Services for processing.