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E-3. IT Services

Information Technology provides a wide array of campus and user services. Because such services are always changing, this document will provide only a brief description with a web link to current information.

In general, the IT Services web page is the best resource for learning about services.

Computing Accounts and Passphrases

Use of Indiana University technology resources (e.g., computers, networks, telephones) is restricted to purposes related to the University’s mission of education, research, and public service. Access to IU computing resources is a privilege granted to all admitted IU students and current or retired University faculty and staff, in support of their studies, instruction, duties as employees, official business with the University, and other University-sanctioned activities.

To gain access to IU Southeast online tools such as Imail, Umail, OneStart, Oncourse, or other programs, users must create an IU Account. For more information visit the Technology Services Accounts & Passphrases webpage.

Email Support

At IU Southeast, most email addresses end with Faculty and staff are hosted on the UITS Exchange servers. Students create email accounts on the Imail or Umail systems when they create their first accounts. For more information, visit the Technology Services Email Support website.

Printing and Copiers

IU Southeast students have access to printers in computer labs and study spaces. Each student receives an allotment per credit hour enrolled, which is funded through the Student Technology Fee. Campus departments and schools have leased multi-function copy machines, which are managed through the Office of IT. Larger or specialized print jobs are outsourced through a contracted supplier. For more information visit the Technology Services Printing & Copiers website.

Phones and Voice Mail

Campus telephone services are managed by UITS and support is provided by the local IT staff.  Users experiencing telephone problems should contact the Help Desk at 941-2447.  For handset programming instructions and a voicemail reference guide, go to the Technology Services Phones & Voicemail website.

Network and Security

IT operates a robust wired and wireless network. For instructions on how to access the network with personal devices, and information on ways that can help to ensure a safe and secure computing environment, visit the Technology Services Network & Security website.

Enterprise Information Systems

IU provides its campuses with a variety of enterprise-wide information systems, such as the IUIE (Indiana University Information Environment), OneStart, Oncourse, EPIC (Electronic Procurement and Invoicing Center), FIS (Financial Information System), HRMS (Human Resources Management System), and others. These systems are supported through UITS. For more information, visit the University Information Technology Services Information Systems website.

Web Publishing

Web publishing services are available for all IU Southeast students, faculty, and staff using the service Mypage for serving personal web pages. Anyone with an IU Network ID may create a personal web page and publish it using Mypage. IU Southeast departmental web pages are developed by IT staff developers and designers who can be contacted at 941-2287. For more information, visit the Technology Services Web Publishing website.

Digital Media Production

IT offers digital media production services to campus faculty and staff. Videos or audio recordings can be posted on websites or YouTube, burned to DVD/CD, encoded as a digital file for use in presentations, or made available via network space. IT also offers video recording of certain live events. For information on scheduling a digital media production or recording a live event, please call IT at 941-2287. Faculty wishing to create digital media for use in class or for a hybrid course should contact ILTE at 941-2506. For more information visit the Technology Services Digital Media webpage.

Student Technology Centers (STCs)

Students will find plentiful public computers located strategically across campus in Student Technology Centers, or STCs. These computers require an IU username and password for access. Community visitors to the Library may obtain a guest username and password for the duration of their visit. For a directory of locations and hours, visit the Technology Services Lab Hours webpage.

Classroom Audio Visual (AV)

Most classrooms at IU Southeast feature installed AV equipment. Standard rooms contain a Windows PC, a video projector, a DVD or Blu-Ray player, and either a push-button or touch-screen controller. Some rooms also contain document cameras, SMART Boards, or SMART Podiums. In smaller rooms, flat screen TVs may be installed instead of projection. For more information, visit the Technology Services Labs & Classrooms website.

Software and Hardware

IU has negotiated substantial discounts with many software vendors. These discounts are available for students, faculty, and staff and are for the full product, not a special “light” version with some features disabled. To get a complete list of available software, visit the University Information Technology Services IUware Online website.

IU students and employees can purchase computers and peripherals for personal use at substantial, University-negotiated discounts. For more information, visit the University Technology Services – Buying Hardware webpage.

Videoconferencing for Meetings and Distance Learning

IT equips and maintains a small number of openly-scheduled rooms for videoconferencing and distance learning courses. Rooms include Hillside Hall 105, Knobview Hall 112, and Crestview Hall 028A. Other videoconference-capable rooms are within schools, departments, and the campus Conference Center.


Computer “JumpStart” Workshops encompass a wide variety of IU Southeast online services such as Oncourse and OneStart and may also cover Microsoft Office products. For more information contact the Student Development Center at 941-2312 or visit the Student Development Center website.

Database Administration and Programming

IT personnel administer SQL Server and Oracle databases for software and web applications and create programming for these applications.  IT can create and write programming for Access databases for departments.  The programmers write scripts to retrieve and manipulate data from the PeopleSoft Oracle data warehouse. These services assist students, faculty, and staff by automating tasks and by making the recording and reporting of data simpler and more accurate.

Personal Web Pages

Web publishing services are available for all IU Southeast students, faculty, and staff using the IU-wide service, named Mypage, for serving personal web pages. Anyone with an IU Network ID may create a personal web page and publish it using Mypage. For more information about personal web pages, or pages for student organizations, visit the Technology Services Web Publishing site.