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G-12. Campus Maintenance

The campus maintenance function is administered by the maintenance and facilities manager in conjunction with the director of Physical Plant. The Physical Plant department is responsible for all items related to the routine repair of buildings, structures, and utility distribution systems, including normally recurring repairs and preventative maintenance. The department attempts to operate with a totally scheduled maintenance program; hence, work to be performed will be based on an approved work order. The exception would be emergency work required to insure personnel and/or building safety. Except for emergencies, all work will be conducted on a scheduled basis. If the planned work will possibly interfere with normal building operations, Physical Plant will contact the office occupant or the person in charge of a group office to schedule the work at a time that will not interfere with office operations. (See section G-3 if work involves maintenance to critical systems.)

Persons and/or departments requiring maintenance services should submit a work request through the IU Southeast Physical Plant website. If there is a problem or emergency causing class or building disruptions, please call the Physical Plant at extension 2330. Provide a clear explanation of work requested, location of work (building and room number), and contact person. For emergency repair, the requestor may call the Physical Plant Office at extension 2330 to relate the work to be done. Any department wishing to contract work to be performed by an outside vendor must contact the Physical Plant director prior to making contact with the contractor.