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G-19. Campus Status During Adverse Weather

Unless a decision to the contrary is announced by the Office of the Chancellor at IU Southeast will operate as scheduled and employees are expected to work regularly scheduled periods.

In the event that snow begins to accumulate prior to the normal campus opening, the sergeant or senior officer from University Police will notify the Chief of Police. The officer-in charge and the Chief of Police will jointly determine whether road conditions off campus or snow accumulation on campus will create problems for faculty, staff, and students. If such a determination is made, the officer-in charge will contact and advise the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs of the situation. In the absence of the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, the vice chancellor for Student Affairs will be contacted. If neither is available, the vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs will be contacted. If none of the three are available, the associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs will be contacted. At any time when classes are not in session (Christmas Break, Spring Break, etc.) the vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs will be contacted in lieu of the others listed. In the absence of the vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs, the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs will be contacted. In the absence of the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, the vice chancellor for Students Affairs will be contacted. The vice chancellor contacted will decide if the situation warrants operating on the snow schedule or closing the campus. The vice chancellor making the decision is responsible for immediately seeking approval of the Chancellor, and once obtained, notifying the following:

  • Local Media
  • University Police personnel who, in turn, will notify the:
    • IU Switchboard
    • Physical Plant personnel
    • Designated IT personnel who will update the IU Southeast website and activate IU –Notify for employees and students.

Employees may also call the snow line (812) 941-2567 to check the open/delayed/closed status of the campus.

Snow Schedule:

IU Southeast observes "Weather Days", a term used to define limited adverse weather conditions. If adverse weather conditions necessitate a delayed campus opening, the campus will be closed until 10 a.m. Only designated/essential staff personnel should be on campus. All other personnel are to remain off campus until 10 a.m. Compensation for essential personnel only, at double time and one-half (additional time off or pay) will be allowed for any time worked between the declaration of the snow schedule up to 10 a.m. on "Weather Days.” Under such circumstances, pay for nonessential staff employees will be continued for hours they would normally work within the Snow Schedule period without charge to allowances or make-up time. An absence charged to weather “WTH” should be selected on the TIME system.

Closed Campus:

If adverse weather conditions are widespread and extremely severe, the decision may be made (with the Chancellor's approval) to close the campus. Under such circumstances, pay for staff members will be continued without charge to allowances or make-up time. Only those emergency hourly and appointed staff employees who are required to work will be allowed time and one-half (additional time off or pay) as determined by the department head. It is the responsibility of supervisors to notify employees and Human Resources in advance of those jobs that may be subject to emergency requirements. When the campus is closed, an absence charged to weather “WTH" should be selected on the Biweekly Attendance Record. On the day that the decision is made to close the campus, the campus will be in a closed status until 5:30 a.m. If the adverse weather conditions continue, a decision concerning closing for the following day will be made at a later time.

When campus is closed, classes that meet off campus are also cancelled. Also, off-campus classes that meet at the school are cancelled if the school is closed, even if the IU Southeast campus is open.

Class Cancellation:

If weather conditions are predicted to worsen such as to create extreme travel hazards during the remainder of a day or evening, a decision may be made (with the Chancellor's approval) to cancel classes for the remainder of the academic day. Once this decision is made, the media along with Telephone Services and Campus Activities will be notified immediately. Canceling classes does not automatically close the campus. Except for classes, all other offices and operations will observe the normal working day.

Open Campus:

If the campus is open, but in the judgment of the individual employee, road conditions are so hazardous as to present a serious danger to personal safety, the employee should call his or her supervisor and explain the absence. The supervisor can authorize the use of eligible vacation accrual, bonus time, personal affairs time, previously accrued compensating time, or work make-up on an hour-for-hour basis. Work make-up must be accomplished during the same work week as the absence to preclude the employee's loss of pay. Employees may also request absence with benefits but without pay in lieu of being charged for the absence.

Commuting To and From an Employee’s Home:

Commuting to and from an employee’s home to the base office is considered to be personal travel. However, if an employee is on call, emergency trips for the university from home will not be considered as personal commuting but will be considered as business miles. All other commuting trips for employees who are on call (excluding police officers in marked vehicles) will be considered as personal miles.

Tornado/Severe Weather:

The University Police Department monitors the National Weather Service's radio band for possible early notice of severe weather conditions. In the event that there are severe weather "warnings" posted for the campus area, the police officers will attempt to contact the personnel in each building. Under these conditions, personnel are advised to stay within the buildings and away from windows, doors, and exterior walls. The tornado warning siren will also be activated. The campus tornado siren is linked with the Floyd County tornado sirens and would be activated by the county. University Police also have the ability to activate the tornado siren. This siren should alert people on outside campus grounds to immediately seek shelter in designated building areas. The siren will sound continuously until the warning is cancelled.