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G-21. Collections, Donations, or Solicitations


All canvassing and solicitation on campus must have prior approval from the Office of Conference & Dining Services. This includes the following:

  • Permission to display any materials, banners, or signs on the grounds.
  • Subscriptions, memberships, and sales solicited by registered student organizations. Office-to-office canvassing is prohibited.
  • Campaigns for charitable purposes at such times and in such a manner as not to interfere with university business and functions (Note exceptions below)
    • By tradition, an annual canvas for charitable contributions to the United Way and Fund for the Arts has been permitted by campus volunteers.
    • Faculty and staff are invited to participate in the appeals; however, there is no obligation to contribute.
  • Table set-ups and activities that include fundraising for recognized student organizations.

The following are prohibited on campus:

  • Advertisement or solicitation materials related to political party affiliation.
  • Door-to-door sales or solicitation.
  • Other solicitation on campus, unless contracted by the university.
  • Flyers or notices placed on vehicles parked on campus.
  • Use of university resources or facilities to assist in catalog or party sales or promotions.
  • All other canvassing, peddling, or solicitation not approved by the Office of Conference & Dining Services.


The Office of Development must approve all off-campus monetary or tangible solicitations for campus benefit.

Non-university groups must obtain permission to use university facilities from the Office of Conference & Dining Services.