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G-5. Use of Facilities

The Trustees of Indiana University reserve the right to control the use of University facilities to assure that events conducted therein are compatible with the mission of the university. The university will at all times seek to insure that student and faculty groups are afforded opportunities to meet, hear, and exchange ideas and views, however controversial. It does not; however, license or tolerate that which is illegal. For the purposes of this policy statement, the term “facilities” shall include grounds owned by the university as well as structures which are university property.

University-related individuals or groups who wish to reserve university facilities should contact the Conference & Catering Office in the University Center. (see Section G-7 for a list of rooms scheduled by other departments). Generally, there is no charge to students, faculty, staff, or university departments for university-related use of facilities as long as the university does not, itself, incur additional expense because of the event.

A charge will be assessed to cover extraordinary expenses for custodial/security assistance, staging, dance floor, supplies, or damage to university property. A charge for custodial assistance will be made if the event is scheduled for a time when custodial service is not normally scheduled and/or the event is cancelled without one working day notice (cancellation due to inclement weather excluded).

In those cases where a university-related group or office wishes to use a university facility for an income producing event, specific authorization for the event must be obtained from Conference & Catering Office or other designated party. A facility usage fee may be charged for the event.

Non-university related individuals and groups who wish to reserve a university facility should contact the Conference & Catering Office in the University Center. A charge will be assessed in accordance with a schedule of facility fees on file in the office of Conference & Catering.

IU Southeast considers the freedom of inquiry, assembly, and discussion to be essential to a student’s educational development. The university therefore recognizes the right of individuals to express their opinions and assemble on campus in accordance with the state and federal constitution. Individuals and/or groups wishing to assemble on campus should contact the Conference and Catering Office in the University Center for guidelines. IU Southeast has the right and responsibility to determine time, place, and manner.

The university does not normally make its facilities available for income-providing purposes if the funds are designed to enrich an individual, organization, or commercial sponsor. (Non-university related individuals or organizations wishing to utilize a university facility for income-producing purposes must write to the Conference & Catering Office, setting forth the nature of the income-producing activity and its purposes). The request should be addressed the manager of Conference & Catering at 4201 Grant Line Road, University Center North, room 125, New Albany, Indiana 47150. If proceeds from such an event are to be donated to Indiana University Southeast (IUS) or the Indiana University Foundation (IUF), no charge will be assessed for the use of facilities, except for extraordinary costs. If proceeds from an income-producing event are not to be donated to IU Southeast or IUF, a charge will be assessed in accordance with a schedule of facility fees on file in the office of Conference & Catering or other designated party.

Conference and Dining Services will provide for all food and beverage needs for any event held in university facilities. Arrangements for activities requiring any type of food or beverage must be made through the Conference and Catering office in the University Center no less than two weeks in advance. University groups meeting the criteria outlined in this section, may provide their own food with prior written approval from the Conference & Catering Office and adhering to the guidelines relating to university groups bringing their own refreshments as outlined in section D-13.

The university reserves the right to reject any and all applications for the use of facilities. Further, the university reserves the right to make adjustments in confirmed reservations for facilities when such action becomes necessary. An established priority system exists and will be followed in confirming reservations (see Section G-6).

The Conference & Catering office is located in University Center North, room 125, and is available to assist with catering needs, room/facility reservations and can be contacted at(812) 941-2155 or (812) 941-2318. Please see section D-13 for additional information on policies and procedures regarding the utilization of Conference and Catering services and use of campus facilities.