Spring Into Advising

campus spring flowers

Spring into Advising Awareness Week

Feb. 11- Feb. 14, 2013

Mobile Advising Awareness stations

From Monday, Feb. 11th to Thursday, Feb. 14th Mobile Advising Awareness stations will be set up throughout the following locations to answer questions about your advising and registration needs.

  1. Crestview Hall
  2. Hillside Hall
  3. Knobview Hall
  4. Life Sciences building

Important dates

Feb. 11th
2013 Summer and Fall Schedules will be available online.

Feb. 25th
Registration appointments will be available on OneStart under enrollment appointments so you will know when you can register for Summer and Fall classes. Please contact your school to make an appointment with your advisor before this date so you can plan out the appropriate classes.

March 4th
Priority registration begins.

Important Advising Reminders

Check OneStart in your Student Center for any holds on your account which may prevent registration. The holds box is located on the right side of the page. Remove any that you can and visit the appropriate office as needed (Bursar, Registrar, Financial Aid, etc…)

Attention athletes! It is imperative to come in to see an advisor as soon as possible to make sure you get classes that fit your limited schedule. Don’t forget to bring your early registration form to your advising appointment.

Advising Office Numbers and Locations

Advising Center for Exploratory Students (ACES):
812-941-2243, UC South 207

Arts and Letters: 812-941-2342 Knobview Hall 110

Business: 812- 941-2362 Hillside Hall 214

Education: 812-941-2386 Hillside Hall 108

General Studies: 812-941-2315 UC South 207

Natural Sciences: 812-941-2184 Life Sciences Bldg. 258

Nursing: 812-941-2283 Life Sciences Bldg. 276

Social Sciences: 812-941-2391 Crestview Hall 140