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Think you want to attend IU Southeast? Start here:

  • Step 1Step 1:
    Apply Now. Be sure your application is complete!
  • Step 2Step 2:
    Take a break and wait on us to do our work.
    We'll notify you within 3 weeks if you've been accepted.
  • Step 3Step 3:
    Learn about IU Southeast's incredible residence halls.
  • Step 4Step 4:
    Don't forget to apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships. We also offer several options for paying your tuition, including payments (we call these our personal deferment plans).
  • Step 5Step 5:
    Get your acceptance letter! Woo hoo! This will be a big packet of information that you get in the mail. We'll also send you an email. Once you receive your acceptance letter, you can take your next steps!


Admitted? Here are your next steps.

After you've been admitted to IU Southeast, this handy, portable list walks you through every step, right through your first day of class . It's designed especially for new freshmen, and best of all, you can download the PDF, print it out, and take it with you when you come to campus. Don't miss a step! Download your to-do list now.

TOP 12 REASONS... choose IU Southeast:

  1. Experience a degree that will get you noticed. All IU Southeast graduates receive an IU degree.
  2. Experience classes taught by experts. Learn from the best.
  3. Experience the feeling of moving to the head of the class. Our test scores lead the nation.
  4. Experience college life on the area's most attractive campus. Other universities have campus envy.
  5. Experience home sweet home. All the amenities of home, except mom and dad.
  6. Experience a full social calendar. There's always something to do at IU Southeast.
  7. Experience a school that's business savvy. The first step on your path to CEO.
  8. Experience affordability. Keep loans low while getting a high-quality education.
  9. Experience a schedule of your choice. Day or night, our doors are open.
  10. Experience top-notch technology. Great minds need great tools.
  11. Experience first place. Grenadier athletes and fans know what it's like to win.
  12. Experience the beginning of your future. Demand a return on your college investment.

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