Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs at IU Southeast

The inaugural volume of Indiana University Southeast’s Graduate Research Journal is now available. The journal’s mission is to provide a public platform for the best papers produced in the Business, Education, and Liberal Studies graduate programs.

graduation capFor students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees, IU Southeast offers an array of challenging master’s degree programs.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Indiana University Southeast provides a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree program for students interested in continuing their education in the field of business. Through the program, business professionals increase their breadth of knowledge, their ability to analyze business alternatives more thoroughly, and, ultimately, their opportunities for more challenging, responsible, and productive careers in the business community. Most M.B.A. students work in professional positions and pursue the M.B.A. degree on a part-time basis.

Master of Science in Strategic Finance (M.S.S.F.)

Indiana University Southeast provides a Master of Science in Strategic Finance (M.S.S.F.) degree program for students interested in continuing their postgraduate education in the field of accounting and financial analysis. The program addresses issues that are of significance to accounting and corporate finance professionals. This contemporary program is uniquely designed to benefit those seeking careers in public accounting, and for finance and accounting professionals seeking careers in the private sector. For example, the M.S.S.F. prepares public accountants and corporate finance specialists by requiring coursework in corporate finance, information techology, project management, taxes, business analysis and valuation, accounting, and business strategy. Through the elective phase, students have the opportunity to pursue traditional accounting courses, and course work in other areas that will enhance their professional preparation. The program allows public accounting professionals and corporate finance specialists to receive preparation in financial analysis, financial planning, financial reporting, strategic consulting, and systems consulting.

Graduate Study in Education (Masters in Education)

The School of Education at Indiana University Southeast offers Master of Science degrees in Education with majors in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Counseling. In addition, the School offers graduate certification programs in Reading, certain areas of Special Education, Gifted and Talented, Computer, and Educational Leadership (principal's certification for Indiana and Kentucky K-12).

Masters in Liberal Studies (M.L.S.)

Ladder imageThe Masters in Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary graduate program that offers study beyond the bachelor's level for persons who are interested in continuing their education in a diversified, challenging manner. A liberal arts education not only gives a greater appreciation for the humanities and the sciences, but it also helps us comprehend the complex social and political programs of the contemporary world as well as our rapidly evolving technology by creating a context for these developments that focuses on humanity.

Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Courses

Some students just want to learn. That’s why we’ve created an opportunity for non-degree seeking students to continue their education at IU Southeast. Students can enroll in graduate courses, but not pursue a specific graduate degree, license or certificate. Students must have completed a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and meet certain admissions requirements. There is no graduate testing required at this time.

Graduate Certificate in Liberal Studies

The newly developed Graduate Certificate in Liberal Studies includes foundational coursework in interdisciplinary studies and relevant electives. It is designed to allow students to demonstrate their capacity for graduate work or to pursue graduate coursework, without requiring them to complete a full masters degree and thesis. The graduate certificate can be completed with 16 credit hours of interdisciplinary coursework.


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Best Classroom Experience

The IU Southeast School of Business is ranked 5th in the nation for Best Classroom Experience.

The Princeton Review, 2009


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The tuition reciprocity agreement between Indiana and Kentucky means students from one state can enroll at identified institutions (or in selected programs) in another state (and vice versa). Kentucky students from Bullitt, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Trimble and Meade counties in Kentucky are eligible for in-state tuition at IU Southeast.

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