Prospective Clients

Who uses AREC's services?

AREC has responded to specific requests from the following types of organizations:

  • Community-based organizations
  • Non-profit agencies and organizations
  • School Corporations
  • Businesses
  • City, County, and Regional Governmental Bodies and Agencies
  • IU Southeast Faculty, Students and Staff

Community Resource

AREC provides applied research services to the Southern Indiana and Louisville areas. We also provide training to agencies and organizations to help them better deliver their services.

Quality Research

Our faculty and associate researchers will supply your organization with information that will support your operations. AREC has worked in such diverse areas as parks and recreation planning, low income housing needs assessment, planning sustainable communities and epidemiological studies concerning drug and alcohol use/abuse.

Program Evaluation and Assessment

The Center provides evaluation services to community programs to determine their success.

Technical Assistance

The associates at AREC can also serve as consultants for technology relating to data management in your organization. We are able to set up databases and educate users about managing and implementing them. The personnel at AREC uses the latest in digital technology in all their work.

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Contact Information


address card

Dr. Melissa Fry
Hausfeldt 139
(812) 941-2105

Debra Voyles
Records Information Specialist
Hausfeldt 135
(812) 941-2323

Angela Leonard
Associate Research Assistant
Hausfeldt 137
(812) 941-2322

Applied Research and Education Center
Hausfeldt 135
(812) 941-2323

Kimberly Brewer
Stefanie Chumbley
Aubrey Garman
Aimee Kelmel
Jennifer Jones
Amelia Reckelhoff
Anita Vivanco

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