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Daniel Main

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A teenage kid, a preacher’s son, repeatedly gets into trouble at school while also failing most of his subjects. When he does pass, it is with no better than a D. His high school career arrives at what must have felt like the only logical conclusion: he dropped out. . . .

A young man attains a degree from IU Southeast in philosophy. After graduating, he starts a theatre for children, a place where children can go and study the arts and a place where this philosopher can instill the importance of thinking well. This theatre would become a home away from home to literally hundreds of kids. Within the walls of this theatre, children learn that their thoughts have purpose, that their ideas have merit and that their very being has worth. . . .

It may surprise many to learn that these young men are one and the same. Daniel Main, that high-school dropout, is now a graduate from IU Southeast with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in English; he is also the founder and director of Pied Piper Productions, a non-profit children’s theatre located in Salem, Indiana. The theatre aims to empower children, not only by teaching them the basics of the performing arts but also by providing them with a place where their questions will be explored. According to the theatre Web site,, Pied Piper “give[s] every child an opportunity to harness, refine, and exhibit their talents on and off stage.” Each age group—eleme... View Full Bio

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Community Involvement

Take Music, Theatre, or Art Lessons

IU Southeast Arts Institute
Since its inception in 1996 with grant funding from Indiana University, the Arts Institute has offered quality instruction in the arts for all ages. Private lessons are offered in keyboard, voice, and stringed, brass and wind instruments. Classes in the Suzuki method (violin, viola, cello, and piano), theatre, vocal training and music technology applications are currently available as are art workshops for children 5-12. All classes are non-credit.

Perform in a Musical Ensemble

Ensembles at IU Southeast
In addition to providing a valuable educational experience to our music majors, the ensembles at Indiana University Southeast welcome members of the community in addition to all IU Southeast students, faculty, and staff. Ensembles include the IU Southeast Orchestra, IU Southeast Concert Band, IU Southeast Concert Choir, IU Southeast Community Chorus, and the Commonwealth Brass Band.

Perform in a Play

Theatre Auditions
All students, faculty, staff and members of the southern Indiana and Louisville Metro communities are welcome to audition for productions by the IU Southeast Theatre Department. There are typically two or three mainstage productions each season as well as smaller, student-produced shows throughout the year.