A student must have a Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher to graduate. Additionally, students must have a GPA of 2.3 to enroll in SPCH-S 246 (Rhetorical Skills), the threshold course for the department. All core courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all General Education and Bachelor of Arts requirements. For a major in Communication Studies, students must complete all courses listed in the program's degree plan. In total, students must have completed with a C or higher 39 hours of Communication Studies courses, or courses in other departments approved by Communication Studies and listed on the degree plan. To earn a major in Communication Studies, students must take a minimum of 21 hours within the Department. Further, the Department also must approve all transfer credits into the major.

Transfer credits

(Resident, Transfer, and Returning Students)
Students who originally enrolled at IU Southeast, who have completed the requirements for admission into the Communication Studies program, and who have been continuously enrolled at IU Southeast (no more than three consecutive semesters without enrolling at IU Southeast) are considered resident students. A student transferring from another university, or changes majors within IU Southeast, will be considered a resident student and will be covered by resident student guidelines. Students who have not enrolled at IU Southeast for four or more consecutive semesters are considered returning students.

Policies for Accepting Transfer Credit

Department of Communication Studies policy for those transferring core courses:

  • Transfer credit for SPCH-S 246 is dependent upon reasonable evidence of competence in writing and speaking. This should include both an example of academic writing that is substantially similar to requirements for successfully completing the written portion of SPCH-S 246. Evidence will also include either a video-taped or live performance of a persuasive speech that is substantially similar to the requirements for completing the speaking portion of SPCH-S 246. Whether or not a paper or speech is considered "substantially similar" will be determined by the faculty of the Communication Studies Department.
  • The student must meet a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.3 for admission to the Communication Studies Department.
  • Prerequisites for core courses must be met (either by completing the course[s] at IU Southeast or through transfer credit from another university) before a student may enroll in the core course.
  • All of the core courses must be completed either by taking the appropriate course, or through substitution via a comparable course transferred from another institution or department.
  • The authority to decide which, if any, courses will be accepted for transfer credit will rest with the student's advisor (with the consent of the faculty of the Communication Studies Department). The student's advisor may require a syllabus or some other evidence of a course's suitability for transfer credit before a decision is made.
  • Transfer students must also meet the distribution and graduation requirements as they appear in the IU Southeast Bulletin.

Returning Students

Returning students must meet the distribution and major requirements as outlined in the IU Southeast Bulletin for the semester in which they re-enroll. Core courses completed more than five year prior to re-enrollment will be accepted for credit on a case by case basis determined by the Department of Communication Studies faculty.

University Policies

Students must adhere to all university policies and rules as described in the IU Southeast Bulletin in effect when a student enrolls in the university.