Requirements for All Majors, Who Must Complete the Following Credits in English (2013-2105 Bulletin)

General Education Requirement (3 cr.)

  • W 290 Writing in the Arts and Sciences (3 cr.) (minimum grade: C)

Core Requirements for a Major in English (18 Cr.)

  1. L 140 Introduction to English Studies (3 cr.)
  2. L 371 Critical Practices (3 cr.)
    Students should take L 140, W 290, and L 371 as soon as possible after declaring a major. English majors need to take L 140 and L 371 before they can enroll in any 300-level or higher elective courses. With permission from the instructor, students may take an upper-division course concurrently with L 140 and L 371.
  3. Two British literature survey courses from L 297, L 298, L 299 (or an approved substitute) (6 cr.)
  4. Two American literature survey courses from L 351, L 352, L 354 (or an approved substitute) (6 cr.)

Concentration-Specific Electives (See Literature and Writing Concentration Links)


  • L 351, L 352, and L 354 cannot be used as 300-level electives
  • W 290 Writing in the Arts and Sciences should be completed within the first 60 credit hours of college credit.


English majors may substitute any 300- or 400-level literature elective with appropriate historical breadth for L 297, L 298, L 299, L 351, L 352, or L 354; such substitutions cannot also be used as elective credit. See the Schedule of Classes for electives that may be substituted for these surveys or speak with your departmental advisor.

Recommendations for All English Majors

The department urges all majors to consider taking PHIL-P 150 Elementary Logic, as well as other electives outside their concentration.