Special Event:

Frank X. Walker, KY Poet Laureate

Fall 2013 Events (See Event Descriptions Below)

Writing Contest Winner


  • Wed 9/18 – Lit at Lunch; theme “Regeneration” 12:15pm, location: KV 001
  • Mon 9/30 – Writers’ Group, 6:00pm, location: The Writing Center, KV 214
  • Mon 9/30 – English Club Meeting, 12:30pm and 5:30pm, UC 001N


Walk for Brains

  • Mon 10/7 – Book Club meeting
  • Wed 10/16 - Lit at Lunch, 12:15pm
  • Fri 10/18 – Writers’ Group, 4:30pm, The Writing Center, KV 208
  • Mon 10/21 – Book Club meeting
  • Mon 10/28 - English Club Meeting, 12:15pm and 5:30pm, UC 001N
  • Wed 10/30 - Lit at Lunch, 12:25pm, KV 001


  • Wed 11/13 - Lit at Lunch, 12:25pm, KV 001
  • Wed 11/13 - Will Lavender, New York Times Bestselling author, reading and book-signing, 6:30pm, IUS Library, 3rd-floor reading gallery
  • Mon 11/18 - English Club Meeting, 12:30pm and 5:30pm, UC 001N


  • Lit at Lunch – 12:15, UC Commons, date TBA
  • English Club Meeting, 12:30pm and 5:30pm, UC 001N, date TBA
  • Thu 12/5, English Department Winter Gala, 7:30-9:00pm, UC 127

Description of Events:

Book Club—While informal, to maintain momentum there is a degree of direction to help guide the conversation to cover relevant topics of the book selected, such as character development, figurative language, themes, and more.

English Club MeetingsThese informal (but structured) meetings are held generally at the English Club office (room 001N at the University Center) unless specified otherwise. This is also a good time to get to know a formidable portion of the campus’ literary community and some of the faculty. Meetings generally cover planning for events, delegation of tasks for the semester, reminders of upcoming events, other points, and socializing. Sometimes there is a presentation by faculty or students.

English Department Winter Gala—Join the English Department and the English Club to celebrate the end of the semester with food, drink, games, socializing, and readings/awards presented to the winners of the IU Southeast Writing Contest.

Lit at Lunch—All students and faculty are welcome to sign up to share their work or the work of others, whether it is a poem (or poems), a selection from a piece of creative non-fiction, fiction, research, or music. A theme is chosen for each Lit at Lunch, but it is not necessary to follow the theme strictly; it is a way for a prospective reader to go about preparing material.

Will Lavender reading/book signing—Will Lavender, author of Obedience (2008) and Dominance (2011)—will be coming to our campus to discuss his works and potentially do a book signing. More details will be released as the event draws near, and as such many things could come of this event.

Writers’ Group—Anyone is free to come to the specified location and receive or give feedback, direction, or inspiration among writers. This is a particularly useful event to attend to bounce working ideas off of different minds and perhaps give you a viewpoint or a method that you weren’t particularly aware of beforehand.

The Book Thief Movie Viewing/Discussion—This event is mainly oriented towards individuals who have read Markus Zusak’s novel The Book Thief (2006) which will be released as a movie in theatres in late November of this year. After the movie, there will be a discussion juxtaposing initial reactions to the movie versus the book, sustained themes across the mediums, lost elements, gained elements, and more. While having read The Book Thief is not required to join the viewing, it would be beneficial to come armed with enough knowledge of the title to promote a healthy, lively discussion.