The 2014 English Department Winter Gala will be held on Thursday, December 4, from 6:30-8:30 in UC 127.

Please join us as we honor the winners of the 2014 IUS Writing Contest and hear readings from the first place submissions. Food, fun, and music will be the perfect way to end the semester!

2013 Events:

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IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2013

Awards to be presented at the IU Southeast English Department Winter Gala
December 5, 2013
UC 127
Open mic to follow
For More Information:
Contact Virginia Anderson

Research or Report Writing, judged by Julie Marie Wade

1st Place – E. Ashley Morrison, “The Relationship between Bullying Victimization during Primary or Secondary School and Greater Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in College Students”

2nd Place – J. T. Jones, “Understanding a Virtual Life in the Social Media of Online Role-Playing Games”

3rd Place – Kari Haney, “Christianity’s Influence on The Tempest: The Gods, Angels, and Serpents Within”

Flash Fiction, judged by Siobhan Carroll

1st Place – Laikyn Pavey, “Two  Months”

2nd Place – Stephanie Ford, “Broken”

3rd Place – Tara Wessel, “Call to Attention”

Short Fiction, judged by Sam Snoek-Brown

1st Place – S. Asher Taylor, “The Arrival”

2nd Place – Glynnis Bernier-Clarke, “The Forecast”

3rd Place – Andy Smith, “Carnivores”

Honorable Mention – John Templeton, “Knock”

Poetry, judged by Darja Malcolm-Clarke

1st Place – S. Asher Taylor, “Issisharion”

2nd Place – Marc Mullins, “Empirical Wisdom”

3rd Place – Evangeline Flowers, “There are birds behind your bones”

Honorable Mention – Hannah Ash, “Algernon”; Hannah Ash, “Ten and Two”

Non-Fiction Essay, judged by D. Cameron Lawrence

1st Place – Jessica Schreck, “Maybe”

2nd Place – Megan Salisbury, “A Mirror Crack’d”

3rd Place – April Barnard, “Harvest”

Honorable Mention – Glynnis Bernier-Clarke, “An Unwritten Paper, Inspired by Poem 613, Emily Dickinson (circa 1862)”