Art History at IU Southeast provides a diverse range of courses covering both western and non-western traditions. Fine Arts students graduate with a broad knowledge of the visual arts from all parts of the world, giving them an informed awareness of the diversity of human visual expression from both a historical and cultural point of view. The Art History Visual Resource Center contains one of the largest collections of non-western art images in the state. Our Art History faculty members also teach courses in Art Appreciation – one of the most popular courses taught on our campus. Our resident Art History faculty member has traveled extensively to study art historical traditions from as far away as Samoa and other islands of the South Pacific.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Fine Arts with Art History Concentration – Students desiring AB.A. in Fine Arts with an art history concentration will initially complete:

  • A101 Ancient and Medieval Art
  • A102 Renaissance through Modern Art
  • A150 Africa, New World and Oceanic Art.  

Students will choose an additional six courses (18 hours). At least one course must be from a Western tradition and one from an Indigenous tradition. In the fall of their senior year students will also take A400 Senior Seminar in Art History, Capstone Course.

Minor in Art History

The minor in Art History is open to all students who have an interest in the history of art regardless of their major. At least 18 credit hours are required, including A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art, A 102 Renaissance Through Modern Art, A 458 Topics in the Ethnographic Arts, plus a minimum of three other courses above the 200 level. At least one of these additional courses must cover a European, Euro-American, or Euro-Australian topic. At least one must concentrate on the arts of an indigenous people (e.g., Native American, African, South Pacific, or Asian). Art history minors must meet with a Fine Arts departmental advisor for program planning.