Art History at IU Southeast offers courses in World Art as well as the Western traditions. We include a wide range of upper level classes in addition to lower-level Western and Native art surveys. These include Ancient, Renaissance, Northern Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Contemporary art, among others. Our program is unique in the region in offering upper level classes in both Native American and South Pacific Art as well as the Art of Women. The Art History classrooms are state-of-the-art, utilizing recently installed digital projection and internet access. We have a strong history of student curated shows in conjunction with specialized seminar courses. Student designed Individualized Majors are also a possibility for advanced students.

Fine Arts Art History Learning Goals:

• The acquisition of knowledge pertaining to history, art, and culture

• The ability to recognize various styles and specific artworks

• The ability to explain the contextual perspectives and contributions linked to art, architecture, and ritual of artists and their cultures or times.

• The identification of differences and commonalities between those cultures introduced in class and our own.

• An increased ability to communicate about art, history, and culture.

• A greater understanding of the critical thinking methods used in Art Historical investigation.

• The acquisition of a specialized body of knowledge as the result of preparing for and writing an individualized research paper