The IU Southeast ceramics studio is equipped with:

  • a ventilated main studio with 13 electric wheels with workspace for hand building with 2 extruders
  • a slab roller
  • a ball mill
  • ventilated clay mixing room with 2 clay mixers
  • a pugmill
  • ventilated kiln room with large gas reduction kiln
  • gas reduction text kiln, small wood firing kiln
  • 3 computer controlled electric kilns
  • outdoor raku kiln and fuming area
  • 2 computer controlled glass fusing kilns
  • ventilated glaze room with spray booth and stainless steel countertops
  • mixed media and plaster work area with outdoor access including plaster mold dryer
  • compressed air
  • sandblaster
  • an assortment of hand and power tools
  • an extensive material inventory of over 150 clay and glaze materials
  • private studios for five BFA students in ceramics
  • additional storage space for student clay and art work