FINA-S 230 Painting 1 (3 cr.)
P: FINA-F 100, FINA-F 101, FINA-F 102, FINA-P 273. Introduction to painting in oil. Study of the spatial and expressive qualities of color, with an emphasis on composition and pictorial design. Development of technical skills in image making through exploration of traditional and modern methods of paint application. Introduction to surface preparation, framing, and display of paintings.

FINA-S 331 Painting 2 (3 cr.)
P: FINA-S 230. Intermediate course in painting, with an emphasis on the technical command of both oil and acrylic media. Continued study in composition and pictorial design in painting. Further development in traditional and modern methods of paint application with an emphasis on individual experimentation. May be repeated once.

FINA-S 431 Painting 3 (3 cr.)
P: FINA-S 331. Advanced course in painting aimed at the continued mastery of technical skills, with an emphasis on individual solutions to pictorial and conceptual problems in painting. May be repeated.

FINA-S 432 B.F.A. Painting (1-6 cr.)
P: Accepted into B.F.A. studio major. Concentrated studio projects within the framework of the B.F.A. painting program. Attention to content, craftsmanship, intent, and resources. May be repeated for a total of 18 credit hours.

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