(see Fine Arts degree requirements for foundation and degree descriptions.)

BA curriculum in Fine Arts: Studio Arts

  • F100 Intro to Drawing
  • F101 3-D Design
  • F102 2-D / Color Design
  • P273 Computer Art and Design
Beginning Art History:
  • A101 Ancient to Medieval Art
  • A102 Renaissance to Modern
200-level Studio Courses and Art History:
  • S200 Drawing I
  • S230 Painting I
  • S240 Printmaking I
  • S250 Graphic Design I
  • S260 Ceramics I
Upper level Studio: (300 and 400 Level Requirements for Studio Areas One and Two)
  • Studio Arts requires a student to concentrate on two different studios referred to as Area One and Area Two: (one 300 and one 400 level art course must be taken in both of these areas.)
    • 300 level course selection:
      • S301 Drawing (3 cr.)
      • S331 Painting (3 cr.)
      • S361 Ceramics (3 cr.)
      • S341 or S343 or S348 Printmaking (3 cr.)
      • S351 Graphic Design (3 cr.)
    • 400 level course selection: Depending on the selection of 300 level courses the Studio Arts concentration will require taking a 400 level course in both of the selected areas:
      • Example: if S301 Drawing then S401 Drawing is taken, if S331 Painting then S431 Painting is taken
  • A401 Senior Art Theory, and the following 2 upper level art history courses:
Upper level Art History:
  • A449 (20th Century)
  • 300/400 level non-western Art History