The longstanding historical connections between the English- and French-speaking worlds and the languages they speak make French an excellent choice as an initial second language for Americans. French was the language of the ruling class in England for over 300 years, and the intertwining of French and English and their long-lasting effects one upon the other remain evident today. As such, studying French will not only provide access to diverse Francophone cultural realities and open up many more opportunities for significant global connections, it will also better equip you to explore the history and exploit the potential of the English you speak. Add to this well over a thousand years of both close partnership and passionate disagreement, and you have a winning ticket for a fascinating and enriching intellectual journey.

The IU Southeast French program strongly supports the development of our students’ language skills and of their knowledge of Francophone cultures around the globe, both through on campus coursework and activities and through an array of study abroad opportunities. Course offerings provide ample opportunities for the growth of an individual’s language abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing while also providing avenues for exploring the history, literature, artistic expression, institutions, and day-to-day cultural reality of societies for which French is a central medium of communication. The IUS French program is committed to offering students the core courses they require to graduate in a timely fashion, while providing options that allow students to explore areas of personal interest. We are also fully engaged in encouraging and assisting our students to seek out opportunities to live, study and/or work in French-speaking cultures as a part of their fundamental educational experience. We seek to foster a learning community both inside and outside the classroom that will empower our students to function more effectively in any number of professional fields with a Francophone connection.