Closer to home, almost 48 million Americans (about 1 in every 6) claim German-speaking ancestry, making it the largest single national origin reported by the US Census Bureau. Mastery of the German language will enable you to connect with your past, as well as appreciate and benefit from the richness of the world created by German people. Their contribution to the world we live in is considerable. From Kant’s seminal insights into the works of the mind to Einstein’s theory of relativity, German scholarship illustrates creative thinking at its best. In the process of learning German, you will acquire the necessary skills to think critically when interacting with today’s world.

To introduce you to the German-speaking world, the German program at IU Southeast collaborates with the German faculty at IU South Bend to offer a broad range of courses in language, culture, literature and film. Beginner courses do not require any previous experience with foreign language and are offered every academic term. Intermediate courses, also offered every term, build on the skills acquired in beginner courses here or at other institutions with the goal of developing language skill and cultural sensitivity. Students with previous experience in German may test out of, and receive credit for, our beginner courses upon successful completion of intermediate courses. Our advanced course offerings include both in-person seminars and hybrid courses so that students have personal attention from our faculty as well as the flexibility of studying online.