Why Study Modern Languages at IU Southeast?

The Modern Languages faculty is passionate about helping students reach beyond the ordinary. We offer small class sizes, personal attention, and frequent opportunities to interact with faculty and fellow language students, both in and out of class. We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss how our courses might contribute to the fulfillment of your intellectual, personal and professional goals.

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The Department of Modern Languages at Indiana University Southeast affirms the importance of language study as fundamental to humanistic inquiry. We believe that language exists as both a necessary precondition and an inevitable consequence of human self-awareness, and that this self-awareness accounts for our drive to understand, interact with, and shape the world. The Department is committed both to teaching practical skills (the structural specifics of French, German or Spanish) and to developing our students’ appreciation of the fundamental role that language plays in defining our humanity. We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees and minors in French, German, and Spanish.


See "General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast" and "General Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree."

Bachelor of Arts in French

Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours above the 100 level, some of which may be taken overseas (See the "Overseas Study" section of the bulletin.) or through Metroversity.

  1. F 200, F 250
  2. 300 level Eighteen (18) credit hours from the following
    F 300, F 305, F 306, F 313, F 314, F 315, F 316, F 363, F 375
  3. 400 level Six (6) credit hours from the following: F 453, F 454, F 461, F 474, F 475
  4. Any appropriate University of Louisville 500-level courses.

Bachelor of Arts in German

  1. G 200, G 250
  2. One 300-level course each in language (G 310, G 311 or G 340), literature (G 305 or G 306), and culture studies (G 362 or G 363)
  3. Four 400-level courses in language, literature, or culture

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

  1. S 200 and S 250 (6 cr.)
  2. S 312 and S 317 (6 cr.)
  3. S 411 or S 412 (3 cr.)
  4. 12 credit hours from the following: S 275, S 291, S 301, S 302, S 303, S 311, S 363
  5. At least 3 credit hours from the following: S 407, S 408, S 419, S 420, S 450, S470, S 471, S 472, S 474, S 494 (S 494 is by arrangement)
  6. Students may choose to take additional 400-level courses in place of 300-level courses. This excludes S312 and S317, which are explicitly required.
  7. Native speakers are not allowed to take S 275, S 291, or S 317.



Requirements for Minors in Modern Languages

15 credit hours, including

  • F 200 Second-Year French I (3 cr.)
  • F 250 Second-Year French II (3 cr.)

Nine (9) creit hours in French beyond F250 Studnts much complete three courses at the 300 level.


Studnts much complete three courses at the 300 level.


15 credit hours, including

  • S 200 Second-Year Spanish I (3 cr.)
  • S 250 Second-Year Spanish II (3 cr.)

Nine (9) creit hours of Spanish beyond S 250 (Choose 3 courses from the following: S 275, S 291, S 312, S 317 or another 300- or 400-level course)

IU Southeast Language Lab

The language lab at Indiana University Southeast is a central tool at the disposal of students who are seeking to build upon their second language abilities. Although open to everyone at the university, the language lab is specifically equipped to assist students of Modern Languages at any level of study. The lab is also at the disposal of instructors for providing class assignments that may require the lab’s resources or for conducting a class that can take advantage of what the lab has to offer. The Modern Languages faculty is committed to improving the resources available to students in the language lab in order to promote their goals of improved language proficiency and cultural understanding.

Visit the Foreign Language Lab webpage for more details!



Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Tim Ambrose
Associate Professor of Spanish
Phone: (812) 941-2232
Office Location: KV 110 R
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Mindy E. Badía
Associate Professor of Spanish and International Studies
Phone: (812) 941-2620
Office Location: KV 110 C
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Michael D. Hutchins
Assistant Professor of German
Phone: (812) 941-2230
Office Location: KV 110 B
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Charles L. Pooser
Associate Professor of French and International Studies
Coordinator of French Studies
Phone: (812) 941-2128
Office Location: KV 233 C
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Amy E. Zink
Senior Lecturer in Spanish
Phone: (812) 941-2142
Office Location: KV 200M
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Yoko Martin
Adjunct Lecturer of Japanese
Phone: (812) 941-2342
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Faculty Bio Thumbnail
Chiaki Tamiya
Adjunct Lecturer of Japanese
Phone: (812) 941-2342
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J101-J102 Elementary Japanese (4-4 cr.)
Semester offered : J101 offered Fall Sem. J102 offered Spring Sem.

J201-J202 Second-Year Japanese (3-3 cr.)
Semester offered : J201 offered Fall Sem. J202 offered Spring Sem.