Are men welcome in Gender and Women's Studies courses?

Everyone is welcome in WGS related courses!! WGS coursework often discusses masculinity as well as femininity as part of our overall desire to learn more about the operation of gender and sexuality in society.

How can I connect Women and Gender Studies with my other studies?

Most courses available through the Women and Gender Studies Program are cross-listed with programs such as Philosophy, English, History, Sociology and other fields in the Humanities. As a result, getting your coursework done for WGS also often complements other degrees, minors and certificates you are completing.

What will this program do for me?

After completion, you will have the foundations of a diverse education which allows you to better understand and respect people from different backgrounds. Diversity training and skills are a critical component of modern business practices. WGS courses also enhance your self-awareness, networking, and leadership skills by orienting you in multiple disciplines and diverse contexts.

How do I declare my minor or certificate in WGS?

Speak with your academic advisor about adding this field to your degree.