Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: Our Early Registration period allows the student to save money. Those registering during the early registration period will pay a $22 registration fee ($30 for two or more members of the same family). After the early registration period, the registration fee increases to $32 (or $48 per family). For those paying in multiple installments, there is an additional $6 charge for subsequent transactions. The registration fee is non-refundable and is assessed once each semester (fall, spring, summer). Registration fees are assessed with each registration. If a student enrolls for one 7-week term and then decides to continue for another 7 weeks, another registration fee is assessed and another registration form must be completed.

Tuition: Payment is made to IU Southeast at the time of registration. You may pay with check, cash, or money order. Credit card payments may be made online via Indiana University's Office of Conference & Event Registration Services. See the Registration Procedure page for more information on making credit card payments. The tuition schedule is as follows:

PRIVATE LESSONS (including Suzuki)
Full Summer Term (12 weeks)
Length of lesson Number of lessons Tuition Total
30 minutes 12 $252 * †
45 minutes 12 $378 * †
60 minutes 12 $504 * †
1st or 2nd Summer Half Term (6 weeks)
Length of lesson Number of lessons Tuition Total
30 minutes 6 $126 * †
45 minutes 6 $189 * †
60 minutes 6 $252 * †
Number of classes Tuition Total
6 $195 * †
Number of classes Tuition Total
10 classes $195* (includes art materials)
Number of lessons Tuition Total
1 - 12 $42 per one-hour session *
LINKLATER VOICE (Voice for the Actor)
Number of lessons Tuition Total
1 - 12 $42 per one-hour session *
* This total does not include the registration fee
† Additional materials may be required by the instructor

Parking: Arts Institute students/parents must pay for on-campus parking. There are three options available:

  • An all-day parking permit may be purchased for $1.00 at one of the parking permit dispensers new the entrances to campus. For locations of these dispensers, see the campus map.

  • Metered parking spaces are available in Visitor parking areas in the Evergreen East and West, Dogwood, and Hickory parking lots (see the campus map). These spaces are not to be utilized by faculty, staff, or students who have a semester or annual permit displayed. Please be aware that vehicles parked at an expired meter are subject to ticketing by the University Police.

  • An Arts Institute student or parent may purchase a semester permit directly from the University Police at a cost of $30.00 for the semester during the first week of lessons. For more information, see the Directions & Parking page.

For questions or concerns regarding the parking policy, please visit the Directions & Parking page, or contact the University Police at (812) 941-2400.

For those enrolling in a full 14-week term, at least one-half of the total amount due (tuition + registration fee) must be paid at the time of registration. For those enrolling in a 7-week term or less, the total amount is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made in one of several ways:

  • By mail: Check or Money Order, payable to I.U. Southeast, mailed to the Arts Institute.
  • In-person: Cash, Check, or Money Order submitted to the Arts Institute office, room 051 in the Ogle Center. Credit card payments must be made online and cannot be taken in the office or over the phone.
  • Online: Payment may be submitted online (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Epxress) through the I.U. Office of Conference & Event Registration Services. To make a payment online, select "MAKE A PAYMENT" from the menu above. Credit card payments cannot be taken over the phone or in the office.