The private music lessons offered below are taught using the Suzuki Method of teaching. For lessons using the traditional method of teaching, please see our Traditional Lessons page.

The Suzuki Method is based on the idea that any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as he or she developed the ability to speak. Basic principles include early beginning, parental involvement, repetition, and focus on listening and imitation prior to learning to read sheet music. This method is particularly suited to very young students who have not yet learned to read and write. To learn more about the Suzuki Method, please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

The Suzuki program at IUS has 14 weeks of lessons per term, comprised of 14 private lessons and up to six group lessons. There are up to two group lessons each month of instruction, with the exact days and times set by the instructor. On group weeks there will be private lessons, so please plan accordingly. Schedule of all private and group lessons is given on the first lesson of the term


Full Summer:  Begins May 13
Summer Session One: Begins May 13
Summer Session Two: Begins June 29

Course Code Course Title Instructor
VIOLIN (SUZUKI) Suzuki Violin

Michael Hill
Ana Sarbu
Franzeli Sharp

VIOLA (SUZUKI) Suzuki Viola Michael Hill
CELLO (SUZUKI) Suzuki Cello Lori Getty
PIANO (SUZUKI) Suzuki Piano Marilyn Mathis
Joy Cofield


Full Term (14 weeks)
30-minute weekly lessons for 12 weeks: $252*
45-minute weekly lessons for 12 weeks: $378*
60-minute weekly lessons for 12 weeks: $504*

Half-Terms (7 weeks each)
30-minute weekly lessons for 6 weeks: $126*
45-minute weekly lessons for 6 weeks: $189*
60-minute weekly lessons for 6 weeks: $252*

*The registration fee is not included in the above totals. Additional materials may be required by the instructor. For more information regarding fees and registration procedures, please visit the Registration Information page.

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