School of Business

Mission and Vision


“Quality Education for a Lifetime of Achievement”

The mission of the School of Business is to provide both traditional and non-traditional students of Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville with a “quality education for a lifetime of achievement.” We will accomplish this through a challenging, innovative, and supportive learning environment that enables students to achieve their potential. We provide excellent business and economics education through fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs. We value teaching excellence, and enhance student learning through a culture of continuous improvement and faculty instructional effectiveness. The School of Business recognizes and supports the connection between intellectual contributions and instructional excellence of faculty. Consequently, we continuously enhance faculty intellectual capital and the advancement of knowledge by placing an equal value on learning and pedagogical research, discipline-based scholarship, and contributions to practice. We are committed to enriching the university and community through faculty service and professional service activities.


“To be a Premier Regional School of Business”

Our vision is to be a premier regional school of business, serving our region comprised of Southern Indiana and the Greater Louisville metropolitan area.