Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree should review “General Requirements for All Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast,” found in the “Academic Programs” section of this bulletin. While each student is responsible for his or her own progress toward a degree, the faculty and academic advisor for the School of Business are available for advice concerning courses, requirements, and the curriculum best suited to the student’s goals. To ensure the quality of the student’s educational experience, the following policies are in place for all degrees:

  1. The student must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credit hours for the B.A. degree with a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 (not including developmental courses such as English W 100, Education X 150, and Mathematics M 007).
  2. Students must apply for admission to the School of Business. Admission requirements: 12 or more hours completed with at least a 2.0 GPA, C or better in ENG-W 131.
  3. For the bachelor’s degree, 30 of the 120 credit hours must be at the 300 to 400 level (including economics core, general-education and elective courses).
  4. An overall GPA of 2.0 is required in economics courses.
  5. For the bachelor’s degree, a student must complete no fewer than 26 credit hours of coursework in the senior year in residence at IU Southeast and no fewer than 10 credit hours of economics coursework must be taken at IU Southeast. At least 6 credit hours in Economics must be taken at IU Southeast for a minor.
  6. In general, for a course to count toward an economics degree, a minimum grade of C– is required unless otherwise noted.
  7. Students who drop out of the university for longer than one year will automatically move to the most recent course requirements on resuming their studies.
  8. Students returning to the school after a ten-year absence must take BUS-K 201 OR transfer in equivalent courses AND must take the core courses for economics.
  9. Students must apply for their degree in the School of Business Office (Hillside Hall 214) six months before graduation.
  10. Credit by examination may be earned in COAS-W 100 Introduction to Business, BUS-A 201-A 202 Introduction to Accounting I-II, ECON-E 150 Current Economic Topics, ECON-E 200 Fundamentals of Economics, or CSCI-C 106 Intro to Computers and Their Use, and BUS-K 201 Computers in Business. CLEP examinations are accepted for General Education course work if acceptable to the major department for that subject. Contact the Student Development Center, University Center South, or phone (812) 941-2312 for information about these examinations.
  11. Academic Advising: Beginning economics students are advised in the Academic Success Center and are encouraged to take courses in both the general-education area and the appropriate economics courses. Once admitted to the School of Business, students are sent a welcome letter from the Dean and are encouraged to meet regularly with an academic advisor or faculty member to discuss career and academic issues.
  12. Students completing internships for credit earn Satisfactory or Fail grades only.
  13. Students must complete MATH-M 119 and ECON-E 281 within the first 80 hours of course work. If these courses are not completed as required, the student will not be allowed to register for additional classes until they are completed.
  14. The School of Business does not normally accept coursework completed online in the areas of business or economics. These courses are usually required to be taken in a classroom setting.
  15. After being admitted to the School of Business, courses taken at another institution may not count toward a School of Business degree without prior approval. To request approval, the student must contact the School of Business advisor.