To earn the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting in preparation to enter corporate accounting, students must:

  1. successfully complete all of the required courses with at least a C-, and
  2. successfully complete at least five of the required courses listed below at IU Southeast after completion of an undergraduate degree.

Coursework to prepare for Certificate in Accounting – Corporate Accounting Track

Required Courses (21 credits):

Complete all of the following courses (18 credits):

  • BUS-A 301 Accounting: An Information System (3 credits) Prerequisites: A201, K201
  • BUS-A 311 Intermediate Accounting I (3 credits) Prerequisites: A202, P or C: A301
  • BUS-A 312 Intermediate Accounting II (3 credits) Prerequisite: A311
  • BUS-A 325 Cost Accounting (3 credits) Prerequisites: A202
  • BUS-F 301 Financial Management (3 credits) Prerequisites: A202, E150
  • BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations (3 credits) Prerequisites: S121,P101 or P102

Complete one of the following courses (3 credits):

  • BUS-A 328 Introduction to Taxation (3 credits) Prerequisite: A201
  • BUS-A 339 Advanced Income Taxation (3 credits) Prerequisite: A328
  • BUS-A 413 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting (3 credits) Prerequisite: A311
  • BUS-A 414 Financial Statement Analysis (3 credits) Prerequisite: A311
  • BUS-A 424 Auditing (3 credits) Prerequisite or taking concurrently: A311

Note: Additional coursework in business and economics may be useful in preparing for the CMA examination. Completion of the Post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting cannot be relied upon to ensure compliance with all CMA requirements. Only the Institute of Management Accountants’ certifying body can provide you with the most current authoritative information regarding their requirements.

Gainful Employment Disclosures for Certificate Programs