All students entering the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program must have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling.  Previous equivalent coursework can fulfill some of the course requirements for this certificate.

Specific Requirements

To earn the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Information and Operations Management, students must:

  1. Successfully complete the courses listed below with at least a C-, and
  2. Successfully complete at least four of the courses listed below at IU Southeast after completion of an undergraduate degree.
Dept. Course Number Title Credit Hours Minimum Grade Co-Reqs or Pre-reqs
BUS-K 330 Special Topics: Info Tech Mgmt Issues 3 C- BUS-K 321
BUS-K 335 Information Systems Analysis and Design 3 C- BUS-K 321
BUS-K 400 Information for Operating Control and Data Management 3 C- BUS-K 335
BUS-P 330 Project Management 3 C- BUS-P 301
BUS-P 430 Total Quality Management 3 C- BUS-P 301

Gainful Employment Disclosures for Certificate Programs